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Good morning,

Bordeaux 2020 En Primeur .. The curtain has fallen for another year !

We finish this years BDX20 EP campaign offers with some of the finest Sweet wines available.

It might not have been an exceptional vintage for Sauternes however, there are still some incredible wines being made and in context with their status within Bordeaux, exceptional value for money.

A bottle of sweet wine should be considered a treat, offering a completely different experience from the traditional cabernet blend wines.

The quality is probably most evident in Château Doisy Daëne where the critical reviews have been as good as any previous vintage and amazing value at £23.50 per btle (IB), with Antonio Galloni ( declaring "Beautifully layered and sensual from start to finish." and predicting a score of (94-96 pts).

One of my personal favourites is Château Guiraud which again has produced something magical from the jaws of adversity and here we find Antonio Galloni pouring praise with "A classy, impressive wine"

Château Suduriaut is one of the most famous Bordeaux sweet wine estates and in 2020 it tops the league table of critical reviews with (94-97 pts) from Galloni confirming "A superb Sauternes in the making".

We also have several other gems from Sauternes & Barsac with Château Doisy-Vedrines (92-94 pts - AG), Château Coutet (92-94 pts - AG) and Château La Tour Blanche (93-95 pts - AG), all delivering a top quality wines in 2020.

Jane Anson (Decanter)


"I would say 2018 is the most exuberant, 2020 the most structured and concentrated, while 2019 combines both and for me is the strongest of the three – certainly the most consistent. Yields overall were around 25% lower than in 2019, particularly with Cabernet Sauvignon but also Cabernet Franc in many cases."

As we still find ourselves in the grip of a global pandemic, once again the annual ritual of the Bordeaux En Primeur campaign slowly but reassuringly springs to life.

Only the privileged few have made it to Bordeaux this year but for the vast majority of us there has been no fanciful trips, with only the sound of the door bell ringing and samples left on the doorstep. Zoom is once again our friend and the tool of choice to supplement this annual pilgrimage.

We all remember vividly the long hot summer of 2020, not least because 2021 has been well below average temperatures (with the odd exception) so far. The end of summer rain in August brought some respite from the prolonged searing heat and September provided perfect ripening conditions, particularly for the Merlot grape.

Whilst the heat has affected the yields, which are down, the quality is certainly in abundance and comparisons are being made the triple vintage success of 1988-1990. Nature is truly an amazing beast. So it appears that despite the chaos that surrounds us, another 'great' vintage has been born during adversity.

However, this is not universally true in 2020 and care will be required to sift through the 700+ wines on offer during the campaign. The vast majority of opinion suggests that the Merlot is excellent and that Haut-Medoc is the most homogeneous in quality. It also appears to be a very good year for whites, particularly from the Right Bank.

Lisa Perrotti-Brown (Wine Advocate)


"2020 is an irregular vintage that is perhaps on a par with 2017 in terms of the variability of quality; however, the peaks of quality far exceed 2017 and are right up there with the best of 2018 and 2019. Therefore, for some areas and terroirs, this is absolutely the third outstanding vintage in this trio."

The next question on consumers lips will be .. What about the pricing?

Cynically I believed we would never see the pricing levels of the 2019 EP campaign repeated and whilst that appears to be somewhat true, thus far pricing does not appear to have shifted much at all. Most wines we have seen so far are between 5% and 10% up from 2019 release prices, with some not changing at all.

James Suckling


"After tasting more than 400-barrel samples from the 2020 vintage, I can 100% confirm that it is another great year for Bordeaux. The 2020 vintage marks a rare trilogy of excellent vintages that produced wines at the same or very close quality level across the board from great named chateaux to lesser-known estates. 90% of the wines I have reviewed show an outstanding quality level from first growths to Petit Chateaux, even from simple appellations such as Bordeaux or Bordeaux Superior."

2020 Château Doisy-Védrines (2nd Growth)

80% Sémillon,18% Sauvignon Blanc and 2% Muscadelle

Chateau Doisy Vedrines was once part of the vast Doisy estate which also included Chateau Doisy Daene and Chateau Doisy Dubroca. Of the three estates, with its 27 hectares of vines, it’s the largest estate. The property takes its name from one of its early owners, the Vedrines family. Today, the property is owned by the well known Casteja family who own numerous estates in the Right Bank and the Medoc, as well as a large negociant company.

This 66.7 acre Sauternes, Bordeaux wine property of Doisy Vedrines is planted to 80% Semillon, 15% Sauvignon Blanc and 5% Muscadelle, although there is a minor portion of Sauvignon Gris in the vineyard as well. On average, the vines are 30 years of age. The terroir is a mix of limestone, sand and clay. The wine is aged in 60% new, French oak for an average of 18 months.


£139.50 per 6 x 750ml (IB)

£144.50 per 12 x 375ml (IB)


"The 2020 Doisy-Védrines is wonderfully effusive. A whole range of floral notes open first, followed by scents of tangerine oil, mint, ginger and spice. There is something about Doisy-Védrines that is quite exotic in 2020. Such a classy wine."

Antonio Galloni ( 92-94 pts

2020 Château Doisy Daëne (2nd Growth)

87% Sémillon and 13% Sauvignon Blanc

A Doisy wine was first mentioned in the “Topography of all Known Vineyards” written by André Jullien (1832). Doisy growth was included amongst the twenty first classified Bordeaux white wines of which there are five.

Daëne is in Charles Cock’s classification (1846), ranked amongst the 4 classified first growths of Barsac with Coutet, Climens and Myrat. In 1850 the same writer classified it amongst the 11 Bordeaux white first growths. The name Doisy Daëne stems from a combination of the Doisy growth using the proprietor’s name, Jean Jacques Emmanuel Daêne, a Bordeaux wine merchant. The growth that appears in the 1855 classification is Doisy belonging to Daëne. In 1875, JJE Daëne’s three sons inherit the growth. In the same year a portion is sold to the Dubroca Brothers who, in turn, in 1978, sell Doisy-Daëne to Jean Paul Billot. Starting in 2000, Denis presided over the destiny of Doisy-Daëne. Simultaneously he was professor at the Oenology faculty in Bordeaux as well as becoming an internationally famous Consulting oenologist. His sons Fabrice and Jean Jacques came on board in 2004.


£141.00 per 6 x 750ml (IB)

£146.00 per 12 x 375ml (IB)


"The 2020 Doisy-Daëne is rich, creamy and wonderfully expressive. Lemon confit, marzipan, coconut, dried flowers, apricot and tangerine are some of the notes that build in the glass. All the elements meld together gracefully. Beautifully layered and sensual from to start to finish."

Antonio Galloni ( 94-96 pts

2020 Château Coutet (1st Growth)

50% Sémillon and 50% Sauvignon Blanc

In 1855, the estate was classified as a First Growth and recognized for its continued excellence. Today, as the oldest and largest Barsac estate, Château Coutet stays true to its tradition of distinction and quality. The finest Barsac-Sauternes is produced annually under the direction and management of the Baly family as well as the technical and commercial collaboration of the Baron Philippe de Rothschild S.A. company, the vineyard's exclusive distributor.An English fortress built in the 13th Century, this citadel with its square tower, a design typical of the era’s military constructions, became a wine producing estate in 1643. Previously owned by the Lur-Saluces family, the property was home to Chateau d’Yquem’s horse stables, transformed in the late 19th Century into a 110-meter long cellar (the longest in the appellation). A second round tower in the property’s northern plot, a Château Coutet landmark, was built originally to breed pigeons and peacocks for the region’s Gascon lords. Vertical wine presses from the 1920s, a 14th Century chapel and a Bordeaux cobblestone courtyard are a testament to the estate’s rich architectural and regional history.


£162.00 per 6 x 750ml (IB)

£167.00 per 12 x 375ml (IB)


"The 2020 Coutet is wonderfully dense and creamy from start to finish. Dried pear, marzipan, white flowers, mint and tangerine oil build in this super-expressive, deep Barsac. The 2020 has so much to offer."

Antonio Galloni ( 92-94 pts

2020 Château La Tour Blanche (1st Growth)

89% Sémillon,6% Sauvignon Blanc and 5% Muscadelle

The construction of Chateau La Tour Blanche dates from the 18th Century.

In 1855, The Imperial Government requested that the most deserving wines of The Gironde be submitted to The Universal Exhibition in Paris so that a classification system could be established. Chateau La Tour Blanche was placed top of The 'Premiers Crus' of The Sauternes Appellation. But it was not until the beginning of the 20th Century that the originality of this prestigious estate's history became really apparent. The former owner, Daniel Iffla, a.k.a. "Osiris", decided to bequeath the property to the French State under the condition that a Wine School be created on site. After having accepted the donation in 1909, The Ministry of Agriculture commissioned construction of La Tour Blanche School of Viticulture and Œnology in 1911. Despite its unusual status, this wine-producing Estate is entirely managed by authentic professionals in The Wine Trade.


£175.50 per 6 x 750ml (IB)

£180.50 per 12 x 375ml (IB)


"The 2020 La Tour Blanche is gorgeous. Apricot, dried flowers, mint, chamomile, tangerine and coconut flesh out in the glass. Creamy, resonant and super-expressive, this is an absolute delight in 2020. All the elements are nicely balanced, and pretty floral accents on the finish make it impossible to resist a second taste."

Antonio Galloni ( 93-95 pts

2020 Château Guiraud (1st Growth)

65% Sémillon and 35% Sauvignon Blanc

The " Noble House of Bayle " used to be estate's name when it belonged to the Mons Saint-Poly family. A notarial deed dated 22 February 1766 reveals that Pierre Guiraud, a Bordeaux merchant of Protestant faith, bought it for 53,000 livres.

On his death in 1799 his son Louis succeeded him. It was under Louis Guiraud that the estate was saved from a severe devaluation which had begun in 1793, becoming a famous château well known for its wine. On his death in 1837, his son Pierre-Aman inherited a well-established property, with a value estimated at 250,00 livres. Within 80 years and three generations, various families succeeded each other as owners of the estate. The legend was born in1855 when Château Guiraud became a Premier Grand Cru de Sauternes. During a dinner in early 2006, Robert Peugeot, an industrialist, and three wine makers, Olivier Bernard of Domaine de Chevalier, Stephan Von Neipperg of Château Canon La Gaffelière and Xavier Planty, the estate's director, decided to buy Guiraud. They signed a purchase contract on 20 July 2006 thereby uniting their shared passion for wine, gastronomy, nature and hunting.


£183.00 per 6 x 750ml (IB)

£188.00 per 12 x 375ml (IB)


"The 2020 Guiraud is fabulous. Usually a more opulent wine, the 2020 impresses with its translucent personality. Orange confit, apricot preserves, chamomile and dried flowers all develop in the glass. I very much like the energy here. A classy, impressive wine."

Antonio Galloni ( 93-95 pts

2020 Château Suduiraut (1st Growth)

100% Sémillon

Château Suduiraut, classed as a Premier Cru in 1855, is made from grapes selected from the finest terroirs of the property.

This wine is hand crafted at every stage of its elaboration and reveals remarkable finesse and complexity and a golden colour reminiscent of the sun that made it possible.

The estate took the name of Suduiraut in 1580 on the marriage of Nicole d’Allard to Léonard de Suduiraut. The château was plundered and burned down during the Fronde insurrection, then rebuilt in the 17th century. It was re-named Cru du Roy in the late 18th century on being taken over by a nephew of the Suduiraut family, Jean Joseph Duroy, Baron of Noaillan.

On 18 April 1855 the estate was classed as a Premier Cru during the official wine classification programme in the Gironde winegrowing area. AXA Millésimes acquired Suduiraut in 1992 with the aim of preserving and perpetuating the estate’s remarkable tradition of vineyard management and winemaking. Inspired by the great Suduiraut wines of the past, the new management has enabled this great vineyard to fulfil its full potential in recent years.


£250.00 per 6 x 750ml (IB)

£255.00 per 12 x 375ml (IB)


"The 2020 Suduiraut is a powerful, heady wine. Embryonic today, it possesses tremendous depth and intensity from start to finish. Dried pear, chamomile, mint and dried flowers gradually emerge, but the 2020 is going to need quite a bit of time to fully come together. Even so, its potential is evident. A superb Sauternes in the making."

Antonio Galloni ( 94-97 pts

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